Graeme Jackson

Sales Consultant

Living in Queenstown for over 30 years, Graeme knows the dynamics and challenges of Queenstown’s unique economic environment. With an early background in forestry, Graeme went on to manage one of the region’s top tourism activities – Dart River Jet. His strong managerial skills then saw him take on the role of manager of one of Queenstown’s leading real estate companies which saw the beginning of a 17 plus year career in real estate.

He has seen the good times and the unpredictable times, he has earned a reputation as a professional, honest and well-respected member not only of the Queenstown real estate sector, but the community as a whole.

Graeme has developed a great foundation to work alongside major property developers, assisting in implementing marketing and sales campaigns both domestically and off shore, understanding Queenstown’s specific buyer behaviour and the importance of aligning yourself with the financial and legal institutions throughout the industry.

During Graeme’s time in the property industry he witnessed the managed apartment market develop into a major player in the residential/commercial sector and recognised that it needed specialist representation. Consequently, Graeme carved out a niche as one of the region’s most successful real estate agents, selling hundreds of properties throughout the Wakatipu Basin. Graeme brings with him a fresh approach in that he concentrates on achieving the goal of using every tool he can to lift the profile of the properties he has been engaged to sell. He worries less about his own personal profile or the company’s profile and stands by the saying – “let the results speak for themselves”.

During his real estate career Graeme has dealt with all of Queenstown’s apartment complexes and managed the successful sale of apartments in most of them. He knows their history, their strengths, their weaknesses and the overall investment proposition each has to offer and he looks forward to sharing this knowledge with you.